Physical Characteristics:

Welcome to Alpine Forest Park Property Owners' Association (AFPPOA), a private community located in the mountains approximately 7 miles south west of Tehachapi, California. AFPPOA is a non-profit association of property owners within the boundaries of Alpine Forest Park. AFPPOA is comprised of approximately 5,000 acres over 5 tracts and includes 1,080 assessable lots. The lowest altitude in Alpine is 4,700 feet and the highest is about 6,900 feet.


There are currently about 274 homes, which have been built by each individual property owner under the approval of the Building & Planning Department of Kern County. The preponderance of homes is in tract 3423, which is also the only tract with a community water system. All lots in tracts 3424, 3426, 3427 and 3452 require a well, a responsibility of the property owner.

Roads and Maintenance:

AFPPOA's roads are semi-private, non-dedicated roads. There are 36 miles of maintained roads, six (6) miles of which are paved. The Association cannot guarantee access to properties from November through April. All dirt roads are maintained biannually, at a minimum, and as conditions warrant.


Security Officers are responsible for observe and report duty only. They patrol both the residential area and the upper elevations daily and are additionally responsible for fire watch duties in the summer.


There are 4 major structures which the Association owns:
  • Chalet - 3,700 square feet with 2 bathrooms, kitchen, great room and 2 offices. The Chalet is available to rent by members for $200.00/per event, and a $200.00 refundable cleaning deposit. Please call the office at (661) 822-6525 for more information.
  • Barn - 4,500 square feet. Used for storage of equipment.
  • Two (2) guard posts.


Water is available in tract 3423 from the Alpine Forest Park Mutual Water Company, a separate California corporation, which is responsible for the delivery of water throughout the tract. You can reach the Water Company at (661) 822-3266 Monday through Friday 9 - 12:30 p.m. In all other tracts, property owners are responsible for drilling their own wells.


There is no door-to-door trash service available in Alpine Forest. As a courtesy,the Property Owners' Association provides trash bins with a portion of your assessment funds. As an owner we ask for your cooperation in seeing to it that we can all enjoy the convenience without the necessity of raising our assessments or abandoning this service completely. Please be aware of, and cooperate with the following rules:
  • Household Trash Only
  • Break boxes down
Yard clippings, trees, furniture and other bulky items should be hauled to the Tehachapi Dump (click for map).

No Hunting:

There is NO HUNTING anywhere in Alpine Forest PPOA. To insure the safety of the community where a bullet could conceivably travel into a home, there is absolutely NO HUNTING! Also, there is NO ACCESS TO BLM LAND! through Alpine Forest Park without trespassing on private property. All of Alpine Forest Park is private property, whether it be the roads in Alpine, which the association owns or any place off the roads, which would be privately owned property. As an owner we ask for your cooperation in keeping our community safe for all and cooperate with this rule.

No Trailers or Camping:

There is NO CAMPING anywhere in Alpine Forest PPOA. Our natural beauty in Alpine Forest PPOA is a large part of the attraction of many potential buyers. Unfortunately, many new property owners purchase property here under the misconception of being able to park a trailer or camp overnight on their property. Camping and trailer parking increases the possibility of fires in an already extreme fire danger area. In addition, storage of trailers also creates unsightly blight in our scenic beauty. Once AFPPOA maps were recorded with Kern County in 1972 as a residential subdivision, camping and parking trailers became illegal. All property in AFPPOA is zoned Estate or Residential. Kern County ordinances do not allow camping in these zones, whether it be in tents, RVs, or trailers. All Kern County building codes apply to every property within AFPPOA. There is NO CAMPING OR RVing allowed any where in Alpine Forest PPOA. These laws and restrictions are not meant as an inconvenience or an invasion of freedom, but rather as a means of maintaining safety, harmony, consistency, and property values throughout the community.

New Building:

All Kern County rules and regulations apply to building in Alpine Forest PPOA. This Question & Answer sheet is offered as a guideline only. Visit the Kern County Website for more information for what and when County Permits are required @: www.kerncounty.com